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Aug 28

MCS Solutions is acquired by the Nemetschek Group to bring automation to the entire building life cycle

Nemetschek, a leading software provider for the design and construction sector, is expanding into building life cycle management through this acquisition MCS Solutions brings its IWMS and Smart Building solutions to the broader footprint of the Nemetschek Group

Aug 22

Smart buildings & workplaces – Why workplace IoT is critical to business success

[ By: Koen Matthijs, CEO Spacewell and Colette Temmink, IFM Director Cushman & Wakefield Americas Global Occupier Services] Office buildings exist to serve the needs of workers, and those needs are changing rapidly. To understand why workplace IoT is critical to business success, consider these megatrends affecting the way we work:

Aug 13

Actionable data – why it is not an empty buzzword in facility management

workplace IoT

These days, all organizations have systems in place that generate huge amounts of data. Businesses realize it is an important resource. Yet many are not able to use it to its full potential. As ubiquitous as data has become (more data has been created in just the last two years than in the entire previous […]

Jun 19

Activity-based working and smart tech: made for each other?

activity-based working

For decades, ‘cubicle culture’ dominated the office landscape. Picture rows of beige cubes in a minimally windowed workplace with harsh fluorescent lighting.  These bland, soul-sapping environments — designed to cut space costs — encouraged monotonous styles of working. Moreover, the dominant technology tools of the era (desktop computer, landline phone) kept office workers tethered to their […]